Hawk spirt


Birdy gave brith to two toms and a she-cat, her mate is on the bad. She name the toms Snakey and Hawk and the she-cat name Camille. She look at Hawk, he had a spirt of the hawk and Snakey had Carobra. Camille had the spirt of a lizard.

Four moons later.

Water was rising over their area and Hawk tried to swim to his family but he can't find them. So he fell a sleep.

The next morning.

He heard.

"Do you think he alive?"

"Maybe Sugarheart. Gingerkit and Redkit found them when they went on a walk, Icebarrier could take care of him."

He open his eyes to see two cats.

Sugarheart mewed, "Hello kit my name is Sugarheart and this is Frozenriver."

Hawk mewed, "My name is Hawk. Wait Snakey. Camille."

Frozenriver mewed, "Its oh k, we found besides a fallen tree. But no other kits or cats with you."

Hawk started to cry :(. "My family they are gone."

Hawk look over at the entrance and saw a she-cat came in with two other kits."

Gingerkit mewed, "Hello my name is Gingerkit and this is my mom Icestar and that's my brother Redkit. Icestar said that you can join as Hawkkit."

Chapter 1~ HawkpawEdit

I woke to see Russetpaw standing over me, I have a crush on her every since I met her.