Cold PetalsEdit

Author: Frozenfern

Status: Making

Sires: Power of Love Sires

Allegiances: IceClan, FlowerClan

Preceding''''': 'None

Succeeding: True Love Hurts

Gingerpaw and Blackpaw meet each at a gathering, they fell in love with each and Thornheart and Sugarhope they know the secret.



Icestar look over at the Sugarheart were in the nursery she was kitting all night. She already had one kit Redkit a tom and then she had a she-cat name Gingerkit. Her mate was a sleep already in the warriors den.

In the morning.

Sugarheart mewed, "You have two healhy kits, a tom and a she-cat."

Frozenfern mewed in exepment, "Yeah I'm guessing its Gingerkit and Redkit."

Frozenriver and Icebarrier look inside and saw Gingerkit and Redkit. Icebarrier had four kits not including Hawkkit who were born early this morning Blackkit, Thistlekit, Thrushkit, and Featherkit.

That night Blackkit was watching Gingerkit go to sleep and then a shadow went over Blackkit. He was gone. Icebarrier and Icestar look around and saw a petal left behind.

Chapter 1~ GingerpawEdit

"You will be known as Gingerpaw and your mentor will be Frozenriver."

Clan mewed, "Redpaw. Gingerpaw. Redpaw. Gingerpaw."

Redpaw and I was so happy, they wish with Blackkit were here and Featherkit was so angry when Blackkit went missing.

Frozenriver mewed, "Hey Gingerpaw come I'm going to show you around the terrtrioy."

I nodded and walk away with my mentor.

3 moons later

I catch a vole, a mouse and a shrew in one day. I was brave enough to fight off a fox, a dog and a rival clan members my mentor is so pround of me. I look up at Icestar who just woke up from sleeping, tonight is the gathering third one.

"Hey next time watch where you are going Gingerpaw." Oh dear that was grouchy Featherpaw again.